In the BASTILIJA sports complex you will find a gym with changing rooms and showers, a fitness gym, tables to play table tennis, a 30-seat conference hall, a café-buffet, and a leisure park. Accommodation services are provided.

The BASTILIA complex welcomes all those who want to play sports every year. The 1039 square meter and 8.6 meter high gym is adapted for playing handball, basketball, badminton, volleyball. It can host a variety of dueling competitions. Every year the complex organizes various sports camps. We invite representatives of all sports to train in the BASTILIJA complex, to organize sports competitions and camps. Without leaving the building, campers can live, play sports in the gyms, and enjoy a delicious and inexpensive meal at a local café. In the morning you can run and relax in the leisure park. Just 100 m from the complex there is a lake suitable for swimming.


Gym rental
Fitness gym
Table tennis
Conference hall

Address: Gaūros st. 27a, Tauragė 72329
Phone: +370 446 61 447